Ardhanareeswaran Malayalam Full Movie Download 2017 HD MP4

Ardhanareeswaran Malayalam Full Movie Download 2017 HD MP4

Ardhanareeswaran Malayalam Full Movie DownloadMovie Info:

Full Name: Ardhanareeswaran Malayalam Full Movie Download 2017 HD MP42017 HD MP4
Size: 700MB
Quality: 720p HDRIP.
Genres: Fantasy Adventure.
Release Date: 2017.
Language: Malayalam.
Cast: Jayasurya,Rima Kallingal,Anoop Menon.

Ardhanareeswaran is an upcoming Malayalam fantasy Adventure film directed by Ratheesh Ravi. The film, which features Jayasurya, Rima Kallingal and Anoop Menon, deals with transgenderism, and includes over 300 hijadas. Mathews, who was born as a boy child, was brought up as a girl. He is forced to leave his native place after the villagers make fun of him. He reaches the land of hijadas. After meeting many people there with similar characteristics, he decides to become one among them with the name Sandhya.The film portrays the various rituals that are prominent in the hijada communities in India. The movie is produced by Anand Kumar in the banner of Yes Cinema Company.


The film story is about Mathews, who was born as a boy but has been brought up as a girl. Hence the mannerisms of a girl have been imbibed into his character. When he goes out he becomes the point of mockery among the public. Girls laugh at him and boys make fun of him, while others ignore him as an outcast. Mathews decides to leave the town and he reaches an area where hijadas are prominent. There he finds many people who are like him and finds the perfect place to live. He takes the name of Sandhya.

In the hijada community he looks up to a senior hijada named Hemakka as his guru and tries to follow her in her every regard. The movie takes a turn when Sandhya falls in love with Niran Ghosh. Sandhya understands that only way to get Niran Ghosh to love him is to truly become a woman.


The film has been planned for three years now, and has become full-length film. The film’s locations are Bangalore, Hampi, Shimoga, Varanasi, Mysore, Bellari. According to the director, the film will have action sequences never before seen in Indian Cinema. This film will reportedly have Jayasurya performing his own stunts. The shoot was due to start on September 2012.


Actor Vikram was chosen to play the lead role but had to drop the film due to a clash of dates. Jayasurya was chosen after the director watched Jayasurya’s performance in Cocktail. Rima Kallingal plays the female lead alongside Jayasurya in the film while Anoop Menon will be seen as a supporting actor. Other members of the cast include Lena, Parvathy Menon, Jagathi Sreekumar and four new actors.

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Ardhanareeswaran Malayalam Full Movie Download 2017 HD MP4